Rui de Vasconcelos Serra Ribeiro, born in Lisbon.

Award-winning Fine Art photographer & photography teacher

Father, Husband and Art Lover

At the age of 9, he began capturing images, influenced by his father, an amateur photographer and cameraman, a watchmaker by profession. It was his parents who instilled in him a taste for the arts, through travel, supporting his artistic training from an early age with private lessons in fine arts.

He begins his professional photography training at Ar.Co - Centro de Arte & Comunicação Visual in Lisbon. It is in photography that he finds his means of artistic expression. In 1987, residing on the Island of Jersey CI, he won first prize in an international photographic competition. Several awards and honorable mentions follow.

In 1990, he began his professional career, performing product photography work. He meets the designer Henrique Cayatte and does the documentary photography of his illustrations. He takes documentary photography of the estate of the Architect Cassiano Branco, with an exhibition at the Cine-Teatro Éden in Lisbon. He has author photography works published, at the invitation of the magazine "Egoísta'', awarded for its editorial and graphic originality.

In 2010 he moved to Faro. In the following year, he entered the trainers' course, thus starting to give photography training to initiation and professional courses.

In 2012, he carried out the photographic project “Saudade Guitarra Portuguesa”, sponsored by the Master of the Portuguese Guitar, António Chaínho, on the RTP1 program, Praça da Alegria and at the inaugural exhibition at Teatro Lethes in Faro, with a memorable recital.

He is currently a photography teacher at the Professional School Gil Eanes in Portimão.

Serra Ribeiro believes that the photographic experience, accumulated over the years, is only useful in conjunction with a permanent update of techniques and aesthetic trends.


““Rui Serra Ribeiro is a very approachable person, who made us feel free to make our itinerary in the singles session, which facilitated the photo session on the wedding day. He is very attentive to details and very professional. You can easily establish a bond of trust and cooperation, I might even say friendship. I thank Rui for the service provided and I clearly recommend his work.”

“We contacted Rui Serra Ribeiro and from that moment until the service was delivered, we were delighted with Rui's flexibility, professionalism and human quality, highlighting his sensitivity to quickly capture our preferences and the ease of making us feel comfortable throughout time. Admirably we can confirm that Rui is a photographer who captures unforgettable moments and preserves the quality of his work. Our guests loved the photos and so did we.”

“We recommend the photographer Rui Serra Ribeiro for his talent, professionalism and friendliness. In a relaxed and discreet way, he managed to capture the most important moments of what was one of the most special and unforgettable days of our life. We also highlight the excellent work in editing each photo and the album that tells the story of a life together. Thanks again Rui for everything.”